Amazing Pub Style Kitchen Table Designs

Pub Table – Bring a Piece of the Tavern Home

Long ago, a song came out on the radio called, “I’m Gonna Hire a Wino to Decorate Our Home”. For anyone who enjoys their local watering hole, that sounds a bit like heaven on earth.

Wrapped in fantasy, the song has a grain of truth to it today. More and more homes today are adding a pub table to their décor, either in a breakfast nook, the kitchen or patio.

Like their partners in area pubs, the pub table is taller than a traditional kitchen table. This allows you to either stand or sit on a barstool as you eat, talk and drink the morning, noon or night away.

According to design experts, this size table is perfect for promoting conversation. People seem more at ease at the higher tables, because it allows them to talk to a cook at their level. They don’t have to look up from a “lowly” kitchen table.

Nearly every manufacturer has a pub table in their repertoire these days. In fact, it’s one of the biggest trends in home furnishings to come along in years. And to think of all the time some of us spent at a table in a bar, not ever thinking about it as a piece of home furnishing. If only we had thought of it, we’d be swimming in money.

The average pub table usually stands at 36 inches, but you can get them shorter than that. Some even have an adjustable pedestal so you can adjust the height. The two biggest factors are materials and size. You want to make sure that the diameter of your table fits well in the intended space. Remember that you need to allow for the chairs as well. As far as materials, today’s tables comes in just about any style of wood or metal imaginable.

If you’re looking for something a little more continental, you can go with a wrought iron table for the look of Paris. Or go with a stout wood table that would look right at home in England. Quaff a tall pint of Guinness while you play a round of darts (steel tip, not plastic) as dinner cooks.

If you look hard enough, you can even find a beautiful wood table or two with an inlaid game board, so you can enjoy a rousing game of checkers or backgammon with family and friends.

When you’re searching for the perfect table to call home, don’t forget to give your barstools equal consideration. You want ones that are comfortable and which provide plenty of support. If space is tight or you don’t want to try shuffling your chair back over a carpet, you may want to get barstools with a swivel seat. This will allow you to sit at your table without constantly fighting with the chair.

You may find that your new found pub table becomes your favorite place to sit. In no time you’ll be signaling for a couple more brewskis and a bowl of peanuts while you click through channels to find the game that’s on.

Incredible Round Extendable Dining Table Ideas

Choosing an Extending Dining Table For Your Home

When you are looking for an extending dining table to use in your home, there are a few different options that you will want to think about. Having a nice looking table that is adequate enough for your family to be able to enjoy meals around is something that is great, but there are times when you might be having a couple of extra guests joining you for dinner and you need a place for them to sit. Being able to extend the table is something that is very helpful and will eliminate a lot of stress when trying to plan a dinner event at your home. Here are a few things to think about when you are looking for a table like this to buy.

The first thing that you will want to do when you are looking for an extendable dining table is to decide on the style that you would like to own. You will find contemporary styles, modern styles, and others that will appeal to your personal style and preferences. If you already have a certain style in your dining room then you might decide to keep everything uniform by choosing a table with the same style.

Something else that you will want to think about is whether you would like to have a table that is made of glass or one that is made of wood. This is important because it will determine the overall look of the table, and there will be different methods that have to be used for extending the table whenever you need to. You might find that a glass style table is a little bit harder for you to be able to extend or you might find that a wooden dining table is harder for you to extend. Make sure to choose the one that looks the best and is the easiest for you to use.

These are just a couple of the things you need to think about when choosing an extending dining table to use in your dining room. Make sure that you consider all of the different factors that will help you to find the best table to use. No matter if you are someone who likes to throw dinner parties all the time or you are someone who just needs to be able to extend your table from time to time, you will be able to have the space needed when you need it.

Elegant Distressed Console Table Designs

Console Tables – Welcome Classic Style and Storage to Your Home

Sometimes all you need is a table to complete a room or space. Whether it is the hall or the living room a table such as a console table often adds the right amount of decorative flair and function to any space.

Usually tall and narrow sofa or console tables are the perfect way to spruce up a boring entry way. Instead of welcoming guests with a blank wall try a delicate table laden with a favorite photo and candles as well as a vase of fresh garden blooms. Or fill that empty space behind the sofa with an elegant piece perfect for resting a beverage or a book. From ornately carved solid wood pieces to scrolling metal works of art with clean, clear glass resting on top there are many options in console table style to suit your needs.

Often the best selection of console tables can be found online. Don’t waste time trying to do some comparison shopping at every store in town. Instead enjoy the luxury of hunting down the perfect table from the comfort of your living room when you shop online. Browsing the many varieties of console table is almost like travelling the world. From an elegant black striped table inspired by Parisian bistros to a rich red and sleek black demilune console table with Asian appeal you’ll be able to find a table that truly says ‘you’.

Besides the style you should also consider what type of storage you want, if any with your console table. Some offer one drawer, others offer two or three. Some have large cabinets perfect for stashing board games and jigsaw puzzles in the living room or holiday decorations for the table top above in the hall. Still others have a combination of drawers and cabinets making the storage options abundant. If you are in need of a place to simply add a decorative touch to your room choose a console table with just a table top or a table top and lower shelf for a bit of simple elegance .

No matter what your need, you are sure to find a console table to match it. So, welcome guests with a bouquet of fresh flowers perched atop a glass topped console table with rustic yet elegant scrolling wrought iron legs. Finish your living room with a dark cherry finished wood table with twisting legs and a center drawer for holding coasters or a wine key. You’ll be ready in an instant to quaff some wine with a few pals.

The beauty of console tables is their versatility. You can put one in the hall; in the entryway or in the living room and each spot will be brightened with elegant sophistication as well as extra storage space. So shop console tables today and find a piece that fits your style and space today. It has never been easier or more fun to add a bit of style and storage to your home where you need it most.

Attractive Computer Workstation Desk Designs

Computer Workstation Desks Optimize Workspace Utilization

Although not much different from ordinary computer desks, computer workstation desks have more compartments in them. They provide better utilization of the available workspace as compared to ordinary computer desks. Be it your living room or your workplace, a workstation desk will help you set up your workspace in an optimum way.

How to put the desk together:

Most workstation desks ship in the form of unassembled parts and instruction manuals with guidelines for assembling them. The tools required for proper installation are usually accompanied with the workstation when you receive it. This process is not tedious and takes around one to two hours. On the other hand, some desks might be a little tricky to assemble and you might need the help of a peer. Complex workstations, intended for several users, are generally assembled and installed by the manufacturer or the retailer of the desks.

How to use your computer workstation:

Workstation desks come in different flavors. Some are bigger in size while others are compact. Compact ones can be purchased at a lesser price. In any case, while buying yourself a workstation desk, you must give your comfort the top priority. A smaller desk will help you arrange your stuff in close proximity, giving you maximum comfort. These desks can be used for both regular computers (usually, with LCD monitors), and for laptops. Your workstation desk might have a pull-out tray for your keyboard, with an additional smaller tray for the mouse. The mouse trays are for added convenience.

Materials used to make your workstation:

What are these desks made from? Generally, workstations are made from veneer, MDF, plywood, hardwood, and a PVC finishing. It is important to find a desk made of a hard-duty material and a sturdy construction, so that your desk serves you for years to come.

Key things to consider when purchasing your workstation:

The number of additional shelves on your desk is another important factor to consider. After all, you have to be able to place your printer, scanner and other equipment closer to you and maximize space utilization. Whether your desk has wheels or not also matters if you want to shift it from one place to another. If yours doesn’t have wheels, shifting it to a new place can be a tedious task. If it has got wheels on the other hand, moving it will be a breeze as you won’t have to put aside all the equipment from on top of it.

Computer workstation desks are a far better choice as compared to ordinary computer desks. They will help you make best utilization of available workspace in your office and for your employees. You can set up a much organized and professional work environment by going for workstations. A complex arrangement of multi-user workstation desks can provide optimum workspace organization. Mostly, the manufacturer will take full responsibility of setting up such a complex desk system for you.

The benefits of purchasing a workstation:

The desk which efficiently utilizes your space is the best one. Whether you are looking for a computer desk for your home or office, a computer workstation desk will definitely be a better choice for you.

Unique Wooden Crate Coffee Table Ideas

Choosing a Coffee Table For Your Home

Until recently, coffee tables were something of an afterthought when it came to designing a living room that was both handsome and comfortable. Hidden in the shadow of magnificent love seats, sofas and chairs, the poor old coffee table was relegated to second place and on occasion, was omitted entirely. This has all changed, thanks in large part to the new designs that have been turned out by manufacturers in recent years that are not only beautiful, but add functionality and warmth to the living room. In fact, a carefully selected coffee table can actually become the focal point of the room, complementing the other pieces of living room furniture while becoming the center of attention in its own right. When choosing a coffee table for your living room, you want to consider two main factors: style and function.

Choosing a coffee table style

The perfect coffee table complements your décor, of course. Ideally, you want to select a table that is in the same style as the rest of your furnishings. For instance, a country inspired design may stick out like a sore thumb in a contemporary furnished living room. Conversely, a stainless steel and glass table may look out of place in a home decorated in a tropical style, or one that features highly ornate furnishings. Unless you are an experienced interior designer, you may want to stick to with a table that is in the same general style of the rest of your furnishings, i.e., traditional with traditional, contemporary with contemporary and so on.

Selecting a coffee table for its function

It used to be that all coffee tables were created equally. But no more. Today, you can get a range of models, some with features that weren’t even on the drawing boards a decade or so ago.

For instance, if you like to eat and watch TV at the same time, you can get a table with a top that cantilevers up and out, creating an eating area that is far more convenient and elegant than TV trays. If you have children, you may want to get a coffee table that has extra storage, so you can easily store kid’s toys and games while you entertain company. Some coffee tables also have thoughtful storage areas for remotes – a big help for those who have a number of them to keep track of.

If you entertain a lot, you may want to get a larger table to hold munchies and drinks. You may also want to get something that is a fairly indestructible, so that it won’t mar, stain or develop rings if your guests forget to use a coaster.

Scaling your coffee table

Scale is an important consideration these days, as larger living room furniture can dwarf older tables. When looking at coffee tables you want to look for one that won’t look lost in the room, overshadowed by other furnishings. Conversely, you don’t want one that takes over the room either. As you measure your room and furnishings, remember that the coffee table will be about 18″ away from your sofa, love seats and chairs. It needs room to breathe and it needs room for you and your guests to move around it without it getting in the way. Most tables are 16″ to 18″ high, but some contemporary designs can be lower, so you want to factor that in if shopping for a modern style. Ideally, your table should be one to two inches lower than the height of the seat of your furniture. As far as length, it should be about two-thirds the length of your sofa. If you have an 8′ sofa, for instance, your coffee table should be a little more than 5′ in length.

These are just general rules, however, as the exact scale is also determined by the size of the room and the location of the furniture.

Color/finish is important

Finally, you want to consider the color of the piece. While you want your coffee table to complement the other pieces you have, but it doesn’t have to be a carbon copy of the end tables or the entertainment center. Instead, it should stand on its own while accenting the love seat, chairs and sofa you have, as the table has much more in common with these than the entertainment center that’s set away from it and has a personality of its own. Remember, you want to take the entire space of the room into account, selecting a coffee table that adds to the beauty and charm, not detracts from it.

Finally, don’t rush your selection. Be sure to look through the hundreds of styles available online these days. As certain ones catch your eye, note their style, their product name and the site they were on. Then start to narrow down your choices as you consider the room, your own personal tastes in décor and the character of the coffee table that hopefully will soon become a cherished addition to your living room.

Wonderful Bunk Bed Full Over Full Designs

Full Over Full Bunk Bed – Perfect For Large Families, Limited Spaces, and Taller Children

Larger Families

Full over full bunk bed can be perfect for larger families of five or more. This can maximize the sleeping arrangements especially if space is limited. Typical families like to keep same gender sibling together in the same room. This will be ideal if the children are within the same age range. Something will not work would be to have 16 year old teenager sharing a room with a 5 year old. The full size bunk bed made be a little overwhelming for the 5 year old. In this scenario a Twin over Full bed might be a better solution

Limited Spaces

Parents looking for space saving ideas might like the idea of having bunk bed. Full over full bunk bed might be a better option if cost is not a factor and you want something future proof. What I mean by future proof is that the bunk bed has room for your children to grow into. It’s a fact that a good solid bed can last lifetime. I have met so many families making their second or even their third bed. You could of easily spent a third of the price for one full over full bunk bed rather than spending your money on three different kinds of bunk beds.

Taller Children

Families that have taller children find it extra difficult in keeping up with their children’s needs. Many times these children tend to quickly out grow everything they own. How often do you have to repurchase new clothing because it seems that your children are growing faster than a weed. Purchasing a new pair shoes might be an issue for budget minded families, but purchasing new furniture can be much more burdensome on a family. If your family tends to be taller than average then purchasing a full over full bunk beds might be the best solution for you.

Making the case for Full over Full Bunk Bed

There are many different options regarding bunk beds for your house. Most popular of course is the twin over twin bunk beds. But if your family is within the discussed category: larger family, limited space, or have taller children, then the Full over Full bunk beds might be the answer you have been looking for.

Terrific Double Bathroom Vanity Design

Double Bathroom Vanities Provide Essential Form and Function For a Master Bathroom

There are some who believe master bathrooms wouldn’t really be the ‘master’ of all the baths in the house without double bathroom vanities. What advantage would they have from the rest of the baths at home if they didn’t have vanities that effectively combine form and function?

In order to have beautiful, tranquil and comfortable master baths, homeowners must never forget that essential element: The double bath vanity. Available in every style, it’s definitely very easy to choose the right type of vanity that will suit and even complement a person’s taste, needs and lifestyle. With the right design, a double bathroom vanity can add an elegant touch, and at the same time, provide functionality for those people who use the space. Featuring ample countertop space, and oftentimes, plenty of room for under-the-sink cabinet storage, these fixtures can help reduce clutter in the bathroom while making it look more elegant and classy.

With double bath vanities, couples won’t have to argue about where to put their personal toiletries, as they can have designated and equal storage spaces. As the vanities can accommodate partners at the same time while they both prepare for their day, these daily regimens around the vanity can also serve as a bonding moment, making relationships more intimate.

Apart from being practical installations, double bath vanities also serve an aesthetic function, being beautiful and elegant. With the wide selection of vanities available on the market, it’s very possible to find one that best suits a home’s design.

Defining and embellishing a couple’s bathroom décor, double bathroom vanities add a great element to any home.

Surprising Baby Boy Nursery Decor Ideas

Planning out the nursery for your new baby boy is an exciting time in every new mother or father’s life. There are quite a few ways to save money during this exciting time, specifically by putting together the various parts of the nursery yourself. Take a look at the list below of some fantastic baby boy nursery ideas that work perfectly. You can easily find used blankets, crib bedding, and wall hangers that will help you keep the overall costs down, because of the popularity of these types of nursery designs.

One of the most common types of baby boy nursery designs are the simple light blues, browns, tans, and other natural colors. When you choose to keep your nursery in the basic colors, you are going to have the easiest time finding used accessories. Quite a few other parents have the same idea for their nursery, which makes it easy for you to save money when their child outgrows the room, and they upgrade to a different decor.

Another best selling style that parents love their baby boy nurseries are children’s cartoon characters. If your child isn’t born yet, it may be hard to decide who their favorite character is going to be, but if you are planning for a child that has already arrived, simply take a look at the characters that make their eyes light up when they come on television. These characters, when added to the nursery, will help make your child feel happy, and secure, without you having to spend excess amounts of money on brand new nursery furnishings.

Excellent Wall Desk Unit Ideas

Home Entertainment Wall Units – How to Choose?

The living room is that area which is the most and the first witnessed by anyone who pays a visit to your home. Living room is also the place where one can use the maximum decorative items and make it as appealing as possible. So in order to beautify the room with the various souvenir you have collected for so many years, you would need a place to display them like home entertainment wall units.

The wall units are entertainment centre furniture designed to provide amenities like storage and display all in one. Another important display item of the living room, without which it is incomplete, is the TV set. Therefore the unit is 2 in 1 furniture which takes care of all basic and important items which goes for living room.

Living room wall units are designed in such a way that it compliments the entire look of the room well and also serves its purpose. They are available in variety of designs and styles for both modern and traditional living room. Its design includes large space to accommodate any size of TV set along with many shelves for decorative items, books, Cd storage, music player, etc. They can also be good home library wall units as there is abundance space to display the large book collection you have been gathering fro years.

Here are few things you need to keep in mind when buying entertainment wall units for your living room. Being the important furniture of the living, it call for a good investment and thus can’t be played with.

Space and size – it is understood that if you have a large space to accommodate the wall furniture unit you can get a bigger size. But we still make the mistake of not measuring the space offered by our room and just assume the size of the unit we purchase. This should be avoided, especially when buying from online stores as no store will exchange or replace the wall unit. Also keep a note on how big is the TV set as you do not want to play with your appliance’s safety.

Color and design – a living has more number of furniture pieces to accommodate than other room. Thus it becomes important to match all of them in terms of colors and design. A modern sofa cannot be expected to compliment the traditional entertainment wall units.

Budget – this is the most important point to be considered. They say that unless you are willing to pay more you cannot expect to get the best. This is not true always! Online home furniture marts have more varieties to offer than the normal stores and all the products listed are available at cheap rates.

Awesome Blue Tufted Sofa Designs

Choosing the Perfect Sofa Style to Suit Your Style Design and Lifestyle

Certainly the largest piece of furniture in your home, and one that says the most about the overall design style of your home is your sofa. Some prefer the straight lines and minimal design of contemporary sofas. Others like sofas with lots of soft cushy pillows and floral patterns. Still others like sectional sofas.

Today sofas come in literally hundreds of styles with endless choices of upholstery. You can order your sofa mail order through companies like Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel. Most people will tell you that after style the most important thing they look for in a sofa is comfort. Choosing the right style of sofa to enhance your home is key. There are many different styles of sofa to choose from, but most manufacturers break them down into two distinct styles, traditional and contemporary. For instance, more traditional styles of sofa would include barrel back, English arm, tufted back, tight back and tuxedo.

However, depending on fabric choices a Tuxedo sofa could be used in a contemporary home. Contemporary styles include sock arm, channel back and sectional. Some sofas come with pillows attached to the sofa, some come with loose pillows that you can free style any way you choose. Another thing that gives your sofa a definite style is fabric choice. When you visit most furniture stores you’ll have the ability to first choose the style sofa you want and then pick your choice of fabric. Some manufacturers have 30 or more different fabrics you can choose from when you are designing a sofa, with the only limit being how much money you want to spend. The choice of fabric can add thousands of dollars to the final cost of a sofa. Bold bright colors and geometric designs would be used on contemporary sofas and softer muted colors and prints would be used on traditional sofas.

Leather sofas are very popular. With routine care leather is a very durable upholstery choice on a sofa. You’ll want to keep a leather clean and moisturized.

Another sofa option you will want to consider is whether you want a sofa bed, also known as a sleeper sofa, or a reclining sofa or a convertible sofa. Obviously a sleeper sofa or convertible sofa can come in very handy as an extra bedroom for someone who may live in an apartment or have a smaller home who still wants to be able to accommodate guests overnight.

As with any major purchase, shop around. Look around online at different sofa selections so that you can get an idea of what you want before you visit store after store after store. If you see a sofa doing an online search you should be able to find a store that sells that particular brand.

Another great sofa option you may want to consider is a reclining sofa. It really is the best of both worlds. Sofas that are reclining sofas generally have two seats that recline, for maximum comfort. You can get a reclining sofa in most styles, contemporary and traditional.

The most important thing is that our sofa is comfortable for you. Sit in it, recline back if it’s a recliner, lie down across it, after all, that’s where you’ll be napping, isn’t it?